La Coq Au Vin

6 Apr

Our romance with the french probably begins with this restaurant. On the lookout for some great food for a special occasion, we Googled what comes naturally “Best Restaurant in Orlando” and behold La Coq Au Vin with 200 reviews raving about this place. One other thing we have also learned is reviews require a second look especially if the restaurant happens to be at a tourist magnet like Orlando. We decided to take our chances and go ahead.

La Coq Au Vin is actually a family home converted into a restaurant. Dim lighting sets the tone as soon as you enter and within seconds we were seated a cosy little corner under the wooden beams and the central glow of the chandelier. We were there for the Christmas Dinner and ordered the Filet Mignon, Onion Tart, Boston Lettuce, Grilled Veggies and topped it off with a Souffle. The Filet was cooked to perfection when ordered medium well. The meat sliced open like a warm knife through butter. The meat was succulent with a slight tinge of the mildly salty juices with every bite. The Onion Tart was served in a bowl brought straight from the oven with a perfect crust. The moment we dug into the crust, the crater exploded with flavors of herbs and caramelized onion.

We finished off the meal with some authentic french souffle, which we could tell was 100% native because the subtle undertone of the yolk. While this may sound slightly revolting to some, it is something to try as your palette is thrown off balance trying to figure out whether to chase the effervescence of vanilla or absorb the slight pungency of the egg.

To that end, this was a sumptuous meal that ended well with a great espresso and a few pictures by the Christmas tree. A delightful blessing for Orlando – A Must Go.

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