About Busstop

It all began in 1998, when a two students who would later go on to establish Busstop, were first introduced to the world of theater. The play was called Busstop (A contemporary play on the day to day lives of normal city people as seen through the eyes of a homeless man living at the Busstop)

A few years later, an idea came about prompting Sandeep and Atanu to formally establish Busstop and stage their own independent play. It was here that Busstop first began taking shape and would continue to become the guiding force for many other aspiring theater groups.

Their first production – “The Bride” was a huge success, followed by “Three Guys, Three Girls and Coffee Place”. Sandeep and Atanu then began to expand their creative boundaries by experimenting in print media and music, including design, production and distribution of a first of a kind yearbook.

Over the years, while life’s calling has paused many of the productions and initiatives Busstop was involved in, yet with a dim light always touching it yearns us to recreate the magic that was once Busstop. Today, Busstop has evolved into something bigger than a theater group – it has helped build a group of friends and has always been the invisible bond. This site serves to be the museum, a gallery of memories where all treasured moments will be preserved, nourished and looked at year after after, if only to let you smile at the good old days.

The Founders:

 Atanu: Visionary Extraordinarie, Creativity Powertank, Cogent, Loves to cook, would rather be on a cruise ship with his wife sailing to Mexico.

Roles at Busstop include everything including dreaming and faking minor falls with cinematic proportions.

On-Stage: Played protagonist in “The Bride” and “Three Guys, Three Girls and Coffee Place”, blamed Sandeep for poor direction, behaved like a hollywood actor and played drums as if they were bongos


 Sandeep: Creative Thinktank, Directorial Ingenuity, Central Hub of Busstop, Loves to Travel, would rather be on the beach with his wife in Mauritius.

Roles at Busstop include everything when Atanu is dreaming,  and trying to stay awake at 8 pm.

On-Stage: Directed “The Bride”, also played protagonist in “Three Guys, Three Girls and Coffee Place”, hates actors who think they are hollywood stars, lead guitarist, vocalist in his solo band because no one will play with him